Taurus C
A versatile filter unloader


The Taurus C is based on the standard Taurus tray unloader. The machine provides a complete cardboard box or plastic tray handling process, which reduces manual operations and eliminates the problem of rod misalignment. Thanks to the guiding function available on the touch screen the conversion between cardboard box and plastic tray or vice-versa can be done within less than one hour, requiring only a minimum number of size change parts.

The goal of Taurus C is automatic feeding of filter rods to any filter consuming machine.

Technical Data
Working capacity for cardboards    up to 12 000 rods/min. or 3 cycles/min.
Working capacity for plastic trays    up to 16 000 rods/min. or 4 cycles/min.
Rod length    60 - 150 mm
Rod diameter    5,2 - 9,0 mm
Cardboard size    all industrial standards
Tray size    all industrial standards
Empty tray reservoir    4 - 9 trays
Full tray reservoir    7 - 15 trays