Lower range capacity rodmaker

The SW is a lower range capacity rodmaker. The machine works with threshed cigar filler. Sheet is used as binder with continuous automatic feed from a bobbin.

Every filler portion is given the basic shape of the end product in the SW, the filler being exactly portioned out for each bunch. Thus conical products are given their basic conical shape and cylindrical products their cylindrical shape, with or without end taper. The SW is suitable for all common models of cigars, cigarillos and coronas.

Technical Data
Min/max Roddiameter    8-20 mm. (5/16-13/16)
Min/max Rodlength    90-255 mm. (31/2-10)
Speed    appr. 80 double or single-length bunches per minute with lengths upto 255 mm of sheet binder.
Dust elimination    1 set of cyclones with fan and 1 1/2 h.p. 3000 r.p.m. motor.