Start your career at ITMGroup

Internship or graduation assignment at ITMGroup

There are plenty of subjects and techniques to get familiarized with at ITMGroup. Do you, as a future electrician, software engineer or mechanical engineer, have a research question about, for example, servomotors, human machine interfaces or flexible transport systems?

Do you want to become a product developer? Are you interested in (global) purchasing or logistics processes? Do you want to specialize in business-to-business marketing? Or do you want to do research in the field of sales?

Do you want to gain experience in assemble machinery, in a warehouse, as a system administrator or in a logistic department?

Pitch your research question at ITM

We would like to hear what your ambition is and give you the space to get started with this in our organization. Send an email with your ambition and/or your research question. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Internship and graduate supervision at ITMGroup

Each trainee and graduate gets a dedicated supervisor from ITMGroup. This supervisor works in the field of your education. The supervisor will support your research and he or she will guide you in the organization. At least once a week, you will discuss your progress with your supervisor.
In addition, HR employees will help you with practical matters and, if necessary, act as trusted persons.