Get inspired by new packaging solutions

The ITM Group - Packaging Solutions Finder is an online tool for finding solutions for all kinds of packaging. With your personal credentials this tool can be used as inspiration for brainstorm sessions and can also be used in your search for proven principles.The Solutions Finder contains different aspects for packaging like (bio)materials, features, processing and out of the box ideas for both tobacco and other tobacco products from all over the world.

The database includes packaging information from all kinds of products varying from food, pharmaceuticals and off course tobacco. Get inspired by innovations from other branches. When you find a solution all relevant information like supplier and year of introduction can be stored in your personal light box and you can also export the results to PDF-files for your own convenience. The content of the database will be continuously updated in order to keep up with the constant innovations all over the world. The tool is integrated with a search option so you can find very specific solutions e.g. barrier, track & trace, bio based materials or recloseables. So when you start a new packaging development, get inspired by the ITM Group – Packaging Solutions Finder!