Solaris multi segment filter combiner
Redefine the art of filter combining
Solaris-multi filter combining

Solaris is the most flexible multi segment filter combiner, producing a variety of filter configurations with the highest quality. The in-line filter segments transportation allows a stable combining routine for a broad range of filter materials. The modular design of the Solaris combiner makes it easy to access and maintain. It also provides flexibility and allows instant changes. The filter plug modules can be easily connected in a different sequence when required. Each module is ready to run production instantly once connected to the main combining unit.

By applying servo drive technology, Solaris ensures continuous and precise combining of the filter segments that yield consistent and excellent quality filters.

Technical Data
Output :    5,000 rods per minute
Rod speed :    500 meter per minute
Base rod length :    60-150 mm
Finish rod length :    60-150 mm
Filter rod diameter :    5.2-9 mm
Filter segment length    6-45 mm
Compressed air requirement :    20m3/h* - 24m3/h** @ 6bar
Power consumption :    24 kVA* - 28 kVA**
Weight :    7,050kg* - 8,450 kg**
* for dual machine, ** for triple machine