Versatile methods for tobacco storage and distribution


ITM offers a wide variety of solutions regarding silo construction and functionality, designed and configured to suit requirements of any specific primary processing line.

Silo constructions:
• Blending and Bulking silo
• Nose To Nose silo pair
• Pre-Blending silo
Optional mounting one silo over another one saving floor space.

• Full blending – over the length of the whole movable floor
• Half blending – over half of the movable floor – anti-contamination gap for different blends
• Multi-batch blending and discharge – several batches spread over freely selected length of the
movable floor with anti-contamination gap (discharge at the same time as filling with additional
blending conveyor mounted on top of the standard one)
• Follow up filling and discharging – depositing product over the width of the bin moving back as
product pile reaches maximum height (no product blending)
• Online partial blending – when capacity of silo must be smaller than total batch size

Technical Data
Storage length    up to 30 000 mm
Storage hight    1 000 mm ; 1 200 mm ; 1 550; 1 800 mm
Storage width    from 1 250 up to 3 500 mm, every 250 mm
* Other dimensions and non standard functionality available on request