Overhead FIFO filter reservoir

The Pulsar is a FIFO filter reservoir that allows smooth and gentle mass flow filter feeding to a variety of downstream machines, like filter combiners, filter assemblers or filter shooting system. The machine is designed to provide filter consuming machines with an uninterrupted supply of filter rods. Reservoir rapid filling capacity reduces number of operations on the production floor. Pulsar offers quick and reliable tray or carton unloading and guarantees that the filters will be treated gently during unloading, buffering and transportation stages. The design allows rapid brand changes while ensuring filter homogeneity. Pulsar offers manual or semi-automatic unloading functionality. It can be combined with any type of filter equipment.

Technical Data
Product type    filter rods
Filter rod length    78 - 150 mm
Filter rod diameter    5,2 - 9,0 mm
Maximum throughput    43 000 rods
Speed work    adjustable to up- and down-stream machines
Uploading speed    3 trays/min.
Tray/carton size    all industry standards
Upstream machine    all filter makers
Downstream machine    all filter consuming machines