At TDC, we consider product development as one of the key issues that must be addressed in the E-Cigarette industry. With consumers products that are handmade in China, consistent quality of the product can’t be guaranteed. The solution is in automation, but for this we need product development in order to meet the quality standards we are used to in the Tobacco Industry.

Tricas Industrial Design & Engineering of the Netherlands has been working to develop e-cigarettes that can help elevate the industry to the next level. To ensure the safety of a new product, it is important to identify the potential risks upfront. Tricas’ analysis of current e-cigarettes has brought to light various risks.  

The risks are due to construction faults and improper materials choices. With the appropriate product-development knowledge, these problems can be prevented. In developing its next-generation vapor products, Tricas does not hesitate to apply technologies that have proved their value in other industries, a method known as crossover innovation

Together with Tricas, TDC can support the customer with product development in every possibly stage of the project. Want to learn more about the capabilities of the ITMGroup for product development? See the Tricas website for more information.