Covering the entire spectrum

The primary portfolio covers the entire spectrum of blending, cutting, drying and reclaiming. All machines are designed with the aim of reaching the highest possible quality of tobacco, while optimizing savings and keeping flexibility.

ITM produces complete primary production lines to customer specifications. Flexibility in the tobacco treatment process is an important factor. Brand changes can be handled without physical changes or reconfiguration of components. Tobacco handling is always gentle, so that its natural characteristics are maintained as much as possible.

ITM's tobacco cutters work with low pressure, causing less damage to the tobacco particles. At the same time, they can handle all kinds of tobacco and even cloves, with production capacities ranging from 1 to 12 tons per hour. Special attention is given to foreign body detection and removal. Also, along the entire primary production line, humidity and temperature is monitored.

ITM strives to be a perfect partner for innovations. In the primary field, this has led to the development of a Baby "CLED", a compact, container-size dryer that allows small production sizes of around 200 kgs per hour for testing.