Polaris mono-acetate filter maker
Fit for a wide variety of filter specifications

The ITM Polaris is a filter rod maker creating consistent quality mono-acetate filters. The robust tow processing method used in the Polaris results in filters with an impressively low variation in filter pressure drop. This is further supported by automatic speed-dependent regulation of the air pressure on the pre-tension roller, stuffer jet and tongue piece. A variety of glue application systems for seam and inner gluing enables you to reach virtually any filter specification. Glue systems and plasticizer supply can be fitted with automatic loading devices, so that machine stops are brought down to a minimum. Almost all machine settings are accessible via the integrated touchscreens and can be stored in recipes. This enables brand changes within minutes and with minimal chance of errors.

Polaris is the most versatile filter rod maker on the market.

Technical Data
Output    5000 cuts/min
Rod speed    500 m/min
Rod length    60 - 150 mm
Rod diameter    5,2 - 9,0 mm
Bobbin core diameter    120 mm
Bobbin outer diameter    600 mm
Control system    Simens Simotion D, Siemens WinCC
Power consumption    ~26 kVa