Polaris C Filter making with additives
The most versatile filter maker

The ITM Polaris C is a filter rod maker with a precise and clean charcoal application section creating consistent quality filters. The modular design makes the Polaris C easy to access and maintain. The robust tow processing and charcoal application methods result in filters with a low variation in filter pressure drop and even distribution of charcoal particles. The gentle way of dosing and distributing charcoal ensures that the particles are not damaged during the process and no charcoal is wasted. The tow processing and rod making sections are driven by servo motors, guaranteeing very precise roller rotation, eliminating gear backlash and ensuring the production of consistent high quality filters.

Technical Data
Output :    5,000 rods per minute
Rod speed :    500 meters per minute
Rod length :    60 - 150 mm
Rod diameter :    5.2 - 9 mm
Bobbin core diameter :    120 mm
Bobbin outer diameter :    600 mm
Compressed air requirement :    35m3/h @6bar
Power consumption :    26 kVA
Weight : approx.    5,780 kg