Students at work at PMP Poland

To bridge the gap between education and work, PMP Poland has adopted an old practice of educating pupils form secondary schools in the workplace. By providing students practical experience, they are learning the skills and knowledge needed in today’s factory environment.
Andrzej Strzelczyk, managing director of PMP Poland: “Students with an interest for metal fabrication need to know that there are opportunities in their own backyard. Students must look around and utilise every resource available to them, so that they can achieve whatever it is they truly desire from a career.” 

Cooperation with secundary technical schools 

PMP started offering this workplace programme in 2013, in cooperation with two secondary technical schools in Radom. Pupils are learning theory at school and are practising in the workshop. Pupils receive advice and a demonstration of teachers' practice, for between 8 and 16 hours a week. 

Connect theory with practice

Traditional education has often been accused of being disconnected from the learning of real-life working competencies. A similar criticism often levelled by entrepreneurs and employers is that the slow process of formal education hinders it from responding to the acute needs of working life. Stzelczyk: “With demand for technical experts on the rise, we greatly support continuous education of students who are interested in manufacturing, and specifically in metal fabrication. PMP has already recruited a dozen of the best and brightest of these groups in the last two to three years!”
PMP workplace programme for technical students