Ordering parts the easy way

Spare parts play an important role in keeping machinery running. ITM has been delivering spare parts for the tobacco industry for over 30 years. ITM's stock includes parts for its own machines, but also for machines of many other brands, including older generations of cigar and cigarette manufacturing machines. Parts are either purchased from one of our trusted suppliers or made to order at PMP, our state-of-the-art tooling company in Poland.

With over 140,000 parts in stock, you will be almost certain to find what you need through ITM. And as of 2010, ordering parts has become even easier and less time-consuming: in our Webshop, over 70,000 parts can be ordered without requiring direct contact with our sales staff. The Webshop gives immediate feedback on availability, price and lead-time for most parts and starts the delivery process without requiring human intervention. We have even implemented technology that allows your ERP system to directly contact the spare ordering and delivery system at ITM. This eliminates the usual hassle and brings down the time-to-delivery - and thereby the possible downtime of your machines. ITM's spare parts centres know what is required to keep your machines up and running.

Order parts in the webshop