Cigars,cigarettes & filter rods tray unloader

The Taurus is a tray unloader to feed production machines with cigarettes, cigars or filter rods in an automatic way. Introduced into the production line, Taurus leads to efficiency maximization of the manufacturing process, without compromising the quality of rods. Machine is equipped with a modern generation tray handling system and ensures faultless and smooth catching of trays.

Technical Data
Working capacity    up to 16 000 rods/min. or 4 cycles/min.
Cigarette/fliter rod length    60 - 150 mm
Cigarette/filter rod diameter    5,2 - 9,0 mm
Cigar length    60 - 150 mm
Cigar diameter    8,0 - 16,7 mm
Tray size    all industry standards
Empty tray reservoir    4 - 9 trays
Full tray reservoir    7 - 15 trays