Fully automatic tray filler


The FTF - Flexible Tray Filler  fills trays with cigarettes, cigars or filter rods from the  maker with a maximum product care. The control system allows adjusting the filling speed to the efficiency of the maker. Cigarettes, cigars or filter rods are fed into the FTF hopper by mass flow conveyor. At the top of the hopper, a follow up system is fitted to control the flow to the tray. The hopper also acts as a reservoir during tray changes. The full tray elevator can be equipped with either 1 shelf or 2 shelves depending on the maker speed.

All standard trays available on the market can be used.

Technical Data
Working capacity    up tp 16 000 rods/min. or 4 cycles/min.
Cigarette/filter length    60 - 150 mm
Cigarette/filter diameter    5,2 - 9,0 mm
Cigar length    60 - 230 mm
Cigar diameter    8 - 16,7 mm
Tray size    all industrial standards
Empty & full tray reservoir    4 - 10 trays