The reliable system for tray handling

The Flexilink is a tray based linking system allowing the transfer cigarettes from maker to packer enhancing productivity of make-pack group. It consists of FTF tray filler, Taurus tray unloader and linking system. When maker and packer are working with equal speed cigarettes are transferred directly in the mass flow. In case productivity of the maker is higher than packer FTF fills surplus cigarettes into trays. Once productivity of the packer is higher than maker Taurus unloads cigarettes from the trays to meet packer’s requirements. The above solution allows reaching the maximum potential of the make-pack lines.

Technical Data
Product type    cigarettes or filters
Rod length    60 - 150 mm
Rod diameter    5,2 - 9,0 mm
Working capacity    up to 16 000 cpm or 4 cycles/min.
Empty & full tray reservoir    4 - 10 trays
Tray size    all industry standards
Upstream machines    all cigarette and filter makers
Downstream machines    all packing and filter consuming machines