TDC OTP innovation centre

We recognize there is a need for innovations and the difficulties that this can bring to the organizations of our customer. With all of its limitations, project rejections and lots of time till successful breakthrough of the new idea. For those reasons we have created our OTP innovation centre. With this centre we are able to work on these types of these projects together with our clients. It can start with feasibility studies, the groundwork to understand the specifications of all materials used in the final product and the possible impact it has on current known and available technologies or the need for new yet to discover solutions.

Together with our experienced partners we can fulfill the needs, not only the technical solutions, but as well as material related projects. With partnerships within industrial designing companies the new concepts and designs can be made or improvements on existing designs can be suggested.
We help the marketing staff of our customers with the definitions and specifications of the product, defining technologies and present the final solution for their needs or even the possibility to produce the product for the test market.
The centre has a physical entity within our premises in Kampen. The centre is available to place existing production machines as well as our partner’s solutions. We have vertical any existing technical solutions within our warehouse where we are able to make use off.

The OTP innovation centre brings you:

- From concept to final production launch.
- Production site for your test market.
- Less time needed within your own organization, faster from start to finished project.