Complete cigar making

The MIR LS is based on the original Arenco frame, the machine has been modernized and upgraded to reach speeds of upto 100 cigars per minute, with natural binder and wrapper.

Compared to the standard MIR 01 machines, the LS can make all known Arenco products, even using many of the existing modelparts. The machine can also be equipped to make multiple filler cigars (headfiller). Many of the LS features can also be built on standard MIR machines as separate improvement kits.

The machine can also be equipped with a sheet feeder for homogenised binder, to convert it into a MIR 02LS. A change back to a 100% product is an easy step. By changing the wrapper unwinding device for a HTL sheetfeeder, the machine can be converted into a 100% homogenised complete cigar maker, then called MIR 025LS (the fast version of the MIR 025).