MIR 01
Complete cigar making (100% tobacco)

The best machine for cigarmaking has always been, and still is, the Arenco MIR 01, for a 100% natural product with the highest possible quality. Copying the exact movement of the handworker, this machine enables the cigar manufacturer to make a perfect shortfiller cigar, starting with a very consistent bunch, always equally pressed and then always beautifully wrapped, with constant tension in the rolling device.

The complete cigarmaker MIR 01 consists of a MEJ 01 bunchmaker connected to a pressing device and a MID overrolling machine.The conventional type machine requires two operators, one for the binder-die on the bunchmaker and one for the wrapper-die on the overroller. The bunch is automatically transferred from the bunchmaker to the pressing device, from where, after the pressing, it is taken to the rolling device to put on the wrapper. To finish the cigar, it is cut to the required length and placed on the exit belt.

Technical Data
Speed    600-800 cigars / hr
.    800-1000 cigarillos / hr
Cigar model    Machine can be equipped for virtually every cigar model