Max S
Filter attacher for cigarillo's

The Max S is a newer type of machine with higher capacity and extra features like the inspection drum.

Some major advantages over the MAX 3 and 5 are that all transfers are by vacuumdrums, without the need of guides, and also the fact that this machine will not provide corkpaper if a product is missing, thus less contamination and machine stops are the result.

To provide an outfeed of double length products, that later will be wrapped with natural wrapper, or with sheet wrapper, by a spiral overroller, we offer the MAX S-3. For the ideal link with our Ares rodmaker the MAX will be upgrated to a MAX 80, witch work perfectly together with the spiderlinkup of the Ares rodmaker.

Technical Data
Speed    up to 5000 cig. per min.
cigar length    up to 120 mm
cigar diameter    up to 9 mm