Extending machine lifetime and optimizing performance

ITM's passion to serve is clearly visible in our maintenance and upgrading services. We offer preventive maintenance for virtually all machines that were ever delivered by ITM, SCM and TDC. The spectrum of services ranges from light maintenance to fully rebuilt machines and relocation of production lines. Preventive maintenance helps you reduce production costs by extending the lifetime of your machines. Often, some simple and inexpensive replacements have proven sufficient to ensure another stretch of trouble-free production years. Having our technicians perform preventive maintenance ensures that the work is done with up-to-date knowledge and experience.

Preventive maintenance is organized from our sales and service centres. When more extensive consulting and services are required, our specialists are brought in to assist you in determining what is required in your particular situation. Based on our vast experience, we also offer upgrading services for various other OEM equipment, such as Hauni, GD and Molins. For many customers, this has solved problems with obsolete control systems and mechanical components. At ITM, we try to always find a solution to extend the lifetime of your machines and optimize their performance.

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