Light Shell Rotary Dryer
Excellence in drying

The Light Shell Rotary Dryer (LSRD) allows to achieve excellent exit moisture stability combined with fixing product expansion.
The dryer has double skin, insulated steam-heated stainless steel rotating drum with double skin internal paddles. Evaporated moisture is removed by air flow travelling concurrent with processed product.

The drum is sized to ensure light product loading. This feature ensures constant drying conditions and results in consistent moisture levels at the product exit. Special paddle design holds product remaining on the paddles until the predefined release point is reached. Released product forms a continuous "curtain" along the cylinder delivering uniform drying effect.

The machine is suitable for drying of lamina, stems and cloves. For all of these different materials, the LSRD delivers excellent drying results.

Technical Data
Throughput    up to 8 000 kg/h