PMP Poland
ul. Stanikowskiego 2A
26-600 Radom

Tel: +48 (48) 36 86 600
Fax: +48 (48) 36 86 601

Welcome to PMP Poland

PMP Poland (Precision Machine Parts Poland Sp. z o.o.) is located on the same premises as ITM Poland in Radom, an industrial town 100 km south of Warsaw. PMP specializes in the machining of aluminium, stainless steel, iron and sheet metal into spare parts and components. Also, components are assembled into fully functional and tested subassemblies. PMP focuses on small-batch and prototype production.

Apart from supplying these parts and components to the ITM Group, PMP also works for a wide range of other industries, such as food products, machine tools, packaging, printing and aircraft production. PMP has successfully implemented the ISO 9001:2000 standard in its quality management.

PMP has an ongoing cooperation with the Mechanics faculty at the Technical University of Radom. The faculty carries out research where required, and PMP offers internships and support for training activities. Many students are employed by PMP after graduation.


PMP originated as a department within ITM Poland, using the newest 3D design and production tools to deliver high-quality and cost-effective spare parts to the ITM Group. After being made into a separate company in 1997, PMP could scale up and target other markets for precision parts. Today, 140 employees are devoted to delivering perfect spare parts, components and subassemblies to customers throughout Europe and the USA.