ITM Poland
ul. Stanikowskiego 2
26-600 Radom

Tel: +48 48 3686100
Fax: +48 48 3686101

Welcome to ITM Poland

ITM Poland is located in Radom, an industrial town 100 km south of Warsaw. ITM Poland is designer and developer of innovative machines in various areas of the tobacco industry. Main innovative products include the Capricorn rod buffer, the Delphi tobacco reclaimer, the Atlas tobacco cutter and the Solaris multi-segment filter combiner. In all its innovative projects, ITM Poland closely collaborates with customers and strives to help its customers meet the changing demands of the tobacco market.

Apart from the development of new technology and building machines to optimize production, ITM Poland also focuses on making production lines more flexible. This helps customers reduce costs and still produce a wider variety of tobacco products and brands. A special test center was created where new products can be thoroughly tested before taking them into production.


ITM Poland was established as a full subsidiary of the ITM Group in 1991 with the express purpose of designing and building new machines in all areas of cigarette production. Products for primary and secondary were developed and marketed successfully. The company has grown to 450 employees today, 150 of these are employed by PMP.