Popovstraat 48
8013 RK  Zwolle
The Netherlands

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Fax: +31 38 3374873

Welcome to Tricas industrial design & engineering B.V.

Tricas is specialised in productdevelopment.

We have one mission; developing innovative, attractive and feasible products, Next Generation Products, for our clients.

The Tricas design team is made up of qualified and experienced designers, engineers and productdevelopers, everyone has their own expertise. An essential development strategy is crossover innovation. Crossover innovation is a method based on sourcing knowledge, materials and technologies from one sector and integrating into another sector. With as result out-of-the-box innovations bordered by feasibility.  

For most projects we take the responsibility of the total  development project. But we also support our client with co-development. By serving our clients with a specific expertise.

Materials & production technologies
(Value) engineering
FEM-analysis (structural & thermal)
Prototyping / additive manufacturing
Moulding design
Supervision production