ITM Head Office
Constructieweg 45
8263 BC Kampen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 38 3766230
Fax: +31 38 3766231

Welcome to ITM Head Office

The ITM Group's headquarters is located in Kampen, an old trading and harbor town 80 km east of Amsterdam. Kampen has a long history in the "Hanze" chain of trading towns and is the home of the Van der Sluis family, who founded SCM and later formed the ITM Group.

We are pleased to inform you that our Head Office has been relocated into new office premises as of 1 November 2012. We are happy joining our other ITMgroup members, TDC and SCM located at this site in the Industrial zone of Kampen.

Our address was :
IJsselkade 20, 8261 AB Kampen, the Netherlands

Our new address is:
Constructieweg 45, 8263 BC Kampen, the Netherlands

Our joint post address remains:
P.O. Box 126, 8260 AC Kampen, the Netherlands

ITMgroup has experienced very rapid growth and our Head Office simply outgrew the location in the historical centre of Kampen.  That is why we have decided to build a new wing at Constructieweg 45. 
We still keep the same website, email addresses and telephone numbers so you can contact us as usual.

We are very glad to welcome you in the new office.