SCM-TDC Kampen
Constructieweg 45
8263 BC Kampen
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 38 3371020
Fax: +31 38 3371039

Welcome to SCM-TDC Kampen

SCM and TDC share the same building in Kampen together with ITMGroup’s headquarter. The same building is home to the ITM spare parts centre. SCM maintains their stock of over 1000 used cigar manufacturing machines at GTS/SCM, S.A in the Dominican Republic. 

Through its long history in trading and upgrading cigar machines, SCM has vast experience with virtually any type of cigar manufacturing machine on the planet. Apart from trading in used and refurbished cigar machinery, SCM also develops its own high-speed cigar manufacturing production lines, for which parts are being built in various sites within the ITM Group.

TDC builds machinery for roll-your-own and make-your-own products, as well as snuss and molasse. Being one of the pioneers in its field, TDC has established itself as a leading expert on tobacco products that do not fit in the cigar and cigarette domains.


SCM was founded by the Van der Sluis family and was the first company of what has become the ITM Group. For most of its history, SCM traded in second-hand cigar machines. TDC originated in Switzerland and was taken over by the ITM Group in 1997. All activities of TDC were moved to ITM's home town of Kampen. SCM and TDC together have 60 employees.