ITM Germany
Amerner Str. 51
41366 Schwalmtal-Waldniel

Tel: +49 2163 33810
Fax: +49 2163 450417

Welcome to ITM Germany

ITM Germany is located in Schwalmtal, a small town 32 km east of Düsseldorf. ITM Germany develops and manufactures control systems for secondary machinery, such as rodmakers, high-speed cigar machines and filter combiners. Also, ITM Germany produces rebuilt GD packing machines and has the lead in the design of Make-Pack production lines.

Within the ITM Group, ITM Germany is the leading developer of control and automation systems. Main characteristics of these systems are the use of free programmable standard components, high quality level, innovative designs and user-friendly human-machine interfaces. Having most parameters defined in software makes machines easier to reconfigure and allows replacement of standard parts with available parts from other suppliers. Also, having all production data available supports the customer's quality control requirements. Shift reports and malfunction analysis are standard components of control systems for high-end machines.


ITM Germany was founded in 2001 with the purpose of manufacturing rebuilt GD machines. It was established next door to RL Electronic, a company that specialized in building control systems for GD equipment. In 2005, RL Electronic was taken over by the ITM Group and merged with ITM Germany.