ITM Eindhoven
Hurksestraat 3
5652 AH Eindhoven
The Netherlands

Tel: +31 40 2916600
Fax: +31 40 2570861

Welcome to ITM Eindhoven

ITM Eindhoven, located in the South of Netherlands, is a production site with its main focus on rod-making (filters, cigarettes, cigarillos). Also, high-speed cigar production and various machines for special products were developed in close cooperation with customers. Within the ITM Group, ITM Eindhoven cooperates closely with ITM Poland and ITM Germany in innovative projects, such as the Solaris filter combiner.


ITM Eindhoven was the first production site within the ITM Group. The company was formed 25 years ago, when ITM took a major share in Martin de Bruyn BV, a company that specialized in the cigarette industry. For the first decade, the company offered a wide variety of rebuilt machines for cigarette production, filter production and filter cigarette assembly. In 2005, ITM Eindhoven became a full subsidiary of the ITM Group and new machine development began. New projects include the Polaris filtermaker, a line of cigarette makers and various machines for special products. Also, techniques from filter and cigarette production were applied to cigarillos. Today, ITM Eindhoven has 35 employees, covering all aspects of machine design and production, as well as commissioning, installing and servicing machines at customer sites worldwide.