Graduation assignments and internships at ITMGroup

ITMGroup offers worldwide graduation opportunities and internships. Depending of your field of study, we are happy to welcome you at our engineering or procurement departments, or at our staff departments. 

We offer assignments and internships to all levels of education. We favorite candidates who show initiative and ambition.

Become a craftsman

We like you to work side-by-side with our experienced employees. They will give you the opportunity to work on your own level, in your own speed, but they will challenge you to become better and learn more. 

We have possibilities for interns in technical, commercial, administrative and IT departments.  

Higher professional and university education

With the knowledge you already gathered during your study, we like you to perform research assignments. Depending on the field of your study it can be a full research assignment or a combination between research and working side-by-side with our employees. Our goal is to give you great insights in your field of study, whether this is a technical, administrative, commercial or IT oriented study. An experienced employee in your field of study will be guiding you during your internship or graduation assignment.


Intern assigments

Read our example assignments for interns and graduates in Kampen (in Dutch).
IT department
Software engineer
Legal department
Purchase department
Account management