Cigar finishing

The ICARUS machine is a MAX 80 based machine, used to finish the products that come out of the Aeolus spiral overroller.

In some cases, the ICARUS functions can be combined into MAX related machines, such as the standard MAX 80, the Minerva and Minervus high speed tip attachment machines, or even in the Orion headshaper. Depending on the product requirements the typical process flow of the machine is as follows:

Double length receiving drum out of the spider link up of Aeolus
Position correction
Laser perforation unit
Cutting drum with multiple knives, used for trimming of the ends and cutting from double length to single length products
Turning drum aligning all products into either "tips in" or "tips out" flow
Testing drum
Rejecting drum for different types of rejects
Single Length mass Flow outfeed, to be connected to for example the ITM FTF trayfiller