Meet Genesis...

The world’s first solution for quickly and efficiently filling, capping and testing e-cigarettes. The modular design of the machine means it can easily be adapted to future market changes in the e-cigarette industry.

Cartridges and disposables
Because of the smart design of the Genesis, the machine is able to fill, cap and test both e-cigarette cartridges and disposable e-cigarettes. By simply lowering the height of the transport platform, the machine can be adjusted to deal with both products. With an output of 150 units per minute, the Genesis is the first high speed e-cig machine available on the market.

Filling and Capping
Filling the cartridge or disposable - one of the most critical processes in manufacturing the e-cigarette device - can be done with an unprecedented level of control. With two needles going into the cartridge or disposable, high speed and accuracy are guaranteed. Capping the product with an inner and outer cap is done with the same high level of precision.

Testing and Rejecting
One of the most vital parts of the process is testing the cartridge or disposable. This is done quickly and accurately through a smoke test. The smart reject system ensures no empty cartridge or disposable will end up in the hands of a customer.

Following TDC's simple design philosophy, the Genesis is a modular machine platform which can be easily adjusted. As a result the Genesis is the perfect basis for handling the next generation of e-cigarettes. With minimal effort, a module can be added to or removed from the machine. This effectively makes the machine future-proof.