Gemini Flexible filter logistic system
Raise the automation level of filter logistics

The Gemini is a mass flow handling system that uses novel concept of a compartment tray. It gently handles all types of rods including combined filter rods and prevents from rods misaligned. The system uses Smart Trays(S-Trays), with specific tray loaders and unloaders. S-Tray is specially designed, one for all filter specifications, tray with compartments. The Gemini-Tray Filler is dedicated to fill such S-trays. Gemini-T ray Unloader unloads S-trays compartment by compartment. The Mass Flow Conveyor is a chain conveying system, designed to distribute the filter rods to cigarette makers or filter combiners.

The Gemini is fully flexible and supports optimal brand changes. The system can deliver any type of filter rods to any downstream machine at any time. Product traceability is guaranteed by the build-in RFID detection system. Combined with the high bay storage and data management systems, Gemini is the new industrial platform for fully automatic, highly efficient filter rod distribution systems.

Technical Data
Gemini TF   
Speed for compartment tray :    3 cycles per minute
Rod length range :    84-144 mm
Power consumption :    6kVA
Compressed air consumption :    0.3m3/h @ 6bar
Weight:    1,700 kg
Gemini TU   
Speed for compartment tray:    3 cycles per minute
Rod length range:    84-144 mm
Power consumption :    6kVA
Compressed air requirement :    0,7 m3/h @ 6bar
Weight:    1,500 kg