Flavour injector
Flavouring the cigar

Together with one of our partners we are able to introduce the flavor injector. The injector injects a flavour in individual cigars. This is done by using the "walking beam" for injecting the cigars with the required flavour.

The machine has several safeties such as cigar and needle break detection. From the 24 liter flavour tank, the flavour is supplied to the valves by a pressurized system. The tank is put on a high precision weigher to allow constant monitoring of the flavor consumption. The cigars are fed from a manually filled magazine or from a magazine with a tilting mechanism for cigar trays

The major advantage of this machine is that it can be done just before packing the cigars. (it even can be coupled to a REX machine). This minimizes the amount of flavoured waste tobacco and it has the advantage of the cigar trays and trolleys etc. not smelling of aroma.