Cartoning machine

Wrapped around solution

Compact machine thanks to special construction.
Easy operator handling.
Tray sealed with “Hotmelt” glue.
Motorisation by servomotors.
Modes can be changed very quickly without tools thanks to a “cartridge” system.
The products enter and the trays exit at the same level.
Forming height = Height of the tray (also for tall products).

Technical Data
Machine speed rate    up to 20 trays per minute
Maximum dimensions of flat blanks    600 x 800 mm (l x w)
Machine dimensions    2900 x 1600 mm (l x w)
Power supply    240 / 400 V 50 Hz
Control voltage    24 V DC
Compressed air supply    6 bar


Martin Kurth  email:  tel. +49 1772959518
Pierre Mousson  email:  tel. + 352 691 710 493