Medium speed rodmaker

The setup of the Eris machine is based on the same modular philosophy as used on Ares, using separate servo drives for all different stages in the process. Compared to the Ares, the Eris machine offers higher flexibility but is limited in speed. The design of the garniture section is such, that existing Mark 8 model parts, can be used.

All modules on the Eris machine are based on proven technology concepts already in use in other types of rodmakers from the SCM/ITM portfolio. Rodweight is very flexible as the machine runs on fully expanded tobacco, non expanded tobacco or any mix of both types.

Test table
Control system    Simotion and WinCC Flex
Speed    upto 180 rodmeters per minute, or 1500 cuts, or 5kg filler
Roddiameter    upto 11 mm
Rodlength    upto 300 mm
.    Ganimede freestandig bobbinchanger
.    ATC anticipated tobacco choke
.    Spikker garniture
.    Libra weight system
.    SDS Splice detection system