Form, fill and seal stand-up pouches

The Doysis horizontal form, fill and seal machine (HFFS) is an advanced flexible stand–up pouch machine which is able to produce a wide range of pouch formats and future shapes. The machine can handle all heat sealable flexible materials from a reel and has the capability to introduce inline complements to the pouches like zippers, velcro’s to reseal a pouch or add price labels in bottom, front and bag side of the in-line formed pouches. The new Doysis offers the flexibility to absorb and cover future changes in the Tobacco Products Directive (TPD) that may affect existing packaging concepts.

The base for the pouch filling unit is the pouch distribution system for which we use the latest available mechatronics system in the market. A modular fully integrated linear motor with power electronics and displacements measurements in one device. The system is a transport principle that gives immediate advantages as it has absolute precise configuration and individual control of each mover. It will increase production efficiency due to rapid and flexible format adaption.


Technical Data
Output/min:    60 pouch/min
Pouch format (width x height):    Min.: 120 x 145 x (50)
Max.: 250 x 350 x (100)
Film material:    Heatsealable
Reel Dimensions:    Max. width: 800 mm
Maxi diameter: 600 mm
Core diameter:    70-72 / 150 -152
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