Flexible on-line tobacco reclaimer

Delphini compact solution for reclaiming tobacco


Delphini is a versatile, portable on-line tobacco reclaimer with a guaranteed 95% recovery rate* for standard and special filter cigarettes.

Delphini keeps the recovery process in the Secondary department. It is a plug-and-play solution for direct connection to any cigarette maker which guarantees full traceability and eliminates the risk of cross contamination of brands. On-line reclaiming requires no logistics between making and reclaiming, ensuring a time and space efficient process.

As a result of ITM’s world leading experience in reclaiming, Delphini is equipped with a gentle cigarette opening mechanism. A specially designed aligning system allows a linear arrangement of single cigarettes to be opened, releasing the tobacco.

Delphini is designed as a modular, portable unit with a small foot print. This feature allows a single Delphini to be used on different makers in the factory, a change between makers taking only 15 minutes. The ergonomic modular construction enables quick access to the sieve and perforating unit for brand changes or maintenance which can be completed by the maker operator in minimal time. 

A key essential for on-line reclaiming is the stable and controlled return of tobacco to the cigarette maker.  To provide optimum add back of reclaimed tobacco, a self-learning dosing system can be installed. This intelligent system monitors and learns during the operation of the maker ensuring a precise level of add backs at all times.


* Recovery rate for King Size cigarettes

Technical Data
Working capacity    500 cigarettes/min
Recovery rate:     
King Size cigarettes*    95%
Slim cigarettes**    90%
Super Slim cigarettes***    85 %
Noise emission    67dB
Dimensions (LxWxH)    L=1400mm, W=900mm, H=1700mm
Weight    660 kg
Control System    based on Siemens Control
Power consumption    2.5kVA

With the following assumptions:

*KS size 84mm x φ7,95; 720mg @ 12% moisture
**SL size 84mm x φ7,0; 690mg @ 12% moisture
***SSL size 99mm x φ5,4; 540mg @ 12% moisture