Direct Conditioning and Casing Cylinder DCC(C)
Full opening and conditioning of the tobacco

The Direct Conditioning Cylinder efficiently opens and conditions dry, sliced tobacco. The DCC(C) is fed with a homogeneous flow of dry tobacco slices, which is provided by the weigh band and slicer. Inside the cylinder, the tobacco is moistened in a hot, steamy atmosphere, causing the individual leaves to be opened and cased. To maintain constant atmospheric conditions in the cylinder, the process air is circulated. All process parameters such as water and casing fluid amounts, steam injection, temperature and process air flow are controlled to achieve optimum results and deliver a homogeneous product.

A wide range of adjustment options allows processing Virginia, Burley and Oriental as a whole leaf or strips. The machine can be also utilized to process also stems or cloves. On request it can be fitted with a casing function.

Technical Data
Throughput    up to 8 000 kg/h