Cutting and Trimming
Stand alone machine

Together with one of our partners we are able to introduce the Cutting and trimming machine. The cigars are supplied manually into the feeder. The cigars to be cut enter the conveying cycle of the cutting machine through a transfer system. The cigars in the conveying cycle are aligned through an alignment system, after which both ends are simultaneously cut off. Subsequently, the cigars are cut in half and conveyed out of the cutting machine. The cigars are supported on the bottom by a bottom blade during cutting. The bottom blade does not touch the rotating cutting blade to ensure the tool life of the blades is as long as possible.

At the discharge of the cutter there is a conveyor belt from which the cigars have to be picked up and by hand. The cutting machine can be equipped with a different supply and discharge systems, an perforation module. The machine can also be configured to independently cut the ends.