Finding optimal and cost-effective solutions

The controls and automation systems of most ITM machines are designed by ITM in Germany. This site has a vast experience with a wide variety of machines, from basic control systems for packers to high-tech motion control systems for filter rod combiners. For each machine, an optimal, cost-effective solution is found.

In its control and automation systems, ITM uses readily available standard components, without compromising on quality. This makes it easier for customers to find local service and support in case a component malfunctions. Servo drives are used for mechanical processes and many parameters are handled with software, making the control process much more flexible. An innovation in the control systems is the use of recipes, which contain all relevant production parameters for a specific use of the machine. These recipes can be stored and retrieved easily and thereby allow quick and precise machine reconfigurations when brand changes are required.

The newest safety concepts allow set-up and servicing of machines without danger or risk of damage. Sensors ensure 100% monitoring of the most important product characteristics and machine status, which optimize product quality and increase component lifetime. ITM's control and automation department delivers a full range of services, from consulting to design, from production to installation and commissioning, as well as machine and specialist training.

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