Everything there is to know about cigars

As a company that was the world's largest trader of used cigar machinery for decades, SCM knows everything there is to know about cigars. At any time, we keep more than 1000 used machines in stock. Used and new spare parts can be delivered quickly for virtually any type of cigar machine.

The portfolio of new machines covers anything from spi-wrapped cigarillo machines to semi-handmade long filler cigars of more than 20 mm diameter. Innovations include the Orion head-shaper and the Aeolus spi-wrapper which form a full production line with the Ares rodmaker. Used and rebuilt machines include the classic MIR series by Arenco, with optional bobbin unwinders for binder and/or wrapper. From a single spare-part to a entire production line, SCM can deliver what you need.

Being true to our historical roots, the ITM Group still owns the "Olifant", the only remaining cigar factory in Kampen (where there once were at least 100). Here, the tradition of cigar making is maintained with old machinery in an old building in the center of and old town. The site is also used to train new operators and mechanical engineers on the basics of the cigar manufacturing trade.