Casing Application System
Clean design & precise dosing

Casing Application System is designed for holding, stirring and supplying casing fluid to the casing cylinder. The self-contained, free-standing casing application system accurately regulates the amount of casing fluid that is applied to the tobacco. The system uses of steam-heated, insulated, stainless steel tanks. Depending on the required volume the system contains 2 or more tanks. While one tank is being filled with the casing mixture, another one can be emptied. This allows continuous operation of the production line. Every Casing Application System is tailored to customer requirements and all functions can be fully automated.

The Casing Application System can be supplied with a specially designed tank that allows preparation of the casing fluid out of casing concentrate. Precise preparation and dosing of the casing fluid enables the system to perform as a simple kitchen.

* Technical data are tailored for the particular specification agreed with the client.