Solutions engineered with the focus on flexibility

TDC has a large installed base of its own low volume tobacco weighers, for 5gr up to 80gr doses, depending on customer requirements TDC is able to deliver their 655 DS/DD or even the high speed weighing solution.

The position of the TDC Flexible Pouch Packer (FPP210S) in the market strengthens each year. The FPP210S is capable to produce all types of pouches using a wide range of materials. Today, TDC is able to upgrade its installed base with the latest technology and new machines are equipped with this technology as standard to meet the demands of customers and their markets.

The high speed ISIS 120 Pouch Packer, at 120 pouches per minute, has proven itself to give a versatile and stable solution. The modular system of this high speed machine is based fully on cam driven technology. On all TDC pouch packers, wrap-around pouches as well as side-gusset pouches can be filled and packed.

The TDC bundle machines ANUBIS and BM350 offers the user the flexibility to produce paper as well as foil bundles. It takes about 10 minutes to change from one type to the other. All TDC solutions are originally engineered with the focus on flexibility. TDC is very well positioned to support the changes and challenges of our customers and provide the best solution for their needs.