Start your career at ITMGroup

Working at one of the companies of the ITMGroup, you will become a member of our international and inspiring community. As a creative and entrepreneurial person you will feel right at home.

We have more than thousand people employed in Poland (Radom), The Netherlands (Kampen, Eindhoven, Zwolle, Zaandam), Luxembourg (Ettelbruck), Germany (Schwalmtal-Waldniel), United Kingdom (Essex, Warwickshire), Dominican Republic (Santiago) and at service and sales centers all over the world.

Our employees make us succesful

We work in dynamic industries. Adapting to the changes in these industries, is only possible with high skilled and talented people on board. It is the creativity, knowledge, technical skills and market orientation of our employees what makes our group of companies successful.

Invest in yourself at ITMGroup

By becoming a member of our community, we give you the opportunity to invest in yourself and develop yourself. The more you develop your skills, the more our community and our customers will benefit from you. We are creating a healthy and safe working environment and invest in sustainability. 

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