Box Tipper
Simple component discharge

The Box Tipper is discharging the content of cartons or bins into feeders. To facilitate inserting and removing containers or bins, the entrance to the cage can be equipped with two rows of idling rollers. The tipper cage can be equipped with an automatic conversion system, which allows the use of 2 or 3 types of different containers. The tipping cycle is fully automatic.The Box Tipper can also be equipped with a knocking system to improve the emptying of containers for highly compacted products.

Depending on the application and customer preferences, ITM offers either single axis rotation Shaft Tippers or lifting and tilting Chain Tippers.

Technical Data
Lifting weight    up to 600 kg
Lifting height for chain driven tipper    up to 3,5 m
Operating speed    up to 60 cycles/h
Accepted containers type    all available on the market
Working principle    fully automatic tipping cycle