RYO BOOKLET Making and Packing Line produces cigarette paper booklets

The booklet making and packing line can support the needs of small, standard and large types of interleaved booklets. The booklet making and packing are designed to handle different paper thicknesses and types. The booklets can be packed into various size and layers of carton outers. You can adapt to the different needs of the market. This gives a lot of flexibility for the presentation of the booklets to the customer.

The method of cutting and packing will give stability in line output where every single booklet lives up to the high quality needs of today’s market. The speed ranges gives the possibility to start with a basic speed of 120 booklets per minute where speeds upgrade packages support your future needs. The setup of the line is in such a way that it is possible to start with the first base module(s), once the needs for higher capacity or more automated production of the RYO booklet making is required,  the machine can be upgraded and extended with additional components, thus making it a full automated production line. The integration with additional modules or packing machinery give a lot of opportunity for extra commodities like, adhesive labels, wrapping, branding, special combination of booklets, tipping paper and or acetate filter tips. The base of the machine can be used in such a way that future developments and marketing solutions can be easily integrated.