The Bin Filling & Handling System
Flexible tobacco handling

The Bin Filling & Handling System is an automatic system for filling and transporting all available types of bins with tobacco. Compared with silos, this system offers much more flexibility in the storage of materials .With the same footprint area, 30 to 40% more product can be stored. The bin system allows improving the productivity on make-pack lines by ensuring a smooth flow of material and enabling rapid changes between tobacco blends. ITM offers universal Bin Fills for cardboards as well as for other boxes. On request Bin Fill System can operate two different types of containers. The conversion can be automated making the configuration change available in single minutes via control panel.

In conjunction with the High Bay Storage and Tobacco Feeders, the Bin Filling & Handling System creates a complete and flexible, fully automated cut tobacco handling solution.

Technical Data
Filling rate on 2 m³ boxes    12 tones/h
Filling rate on C48 boxes single line    4,5 tones/h
Filling precission    as required but not less than +/- 1 kg