Atlas ®
Improve your profit


The Atlas® multi-process tobacco cutter, is offering tobacco saving and superior cut quality. Following ITM’s simple design philosophy, Atlas® is a modular machine consisting of a feeding and orientation module followed by compacting and cutting modules.A guillotine-like cutting action combined with new features for optimization of the cutting process ensure the long awaited gentle treatment of the tobacco. As a result with Atlas® we can achieve superb cutting performance, with substantially less pull outs and clumps, obtaining longer fractions of the cut tobacco. At least 1% tobacco saving in cigarettes, without any change to the taste is proven in long term production.

Technical Data
Lamina    800 - 10 000 kg/h
Stem    600 - 3 000 kg/h
Lamina    0,1 - 1,1 mm
Stem    0,1 - 0,3 mm
Lamina    9 - 11 kN
Stem    20 - 35 kN
Speed    120 - 450 rpm
Opening range    65 - 110 mm
Maximum number of knives    16