Bundle machine

The new TDC bundle machine ANUBIS offers the user the flexibility to produce paper as well as cellophane bundles. It takes about 15 minutes to change from one type on the other. The machine collects pouches from 2 to 12 with a maximum of 24 bundles per minute. The ANUBIS is the new solution of TDC to meet latest market requirements. It’s ergonomic design is in such a way that mechanics and operators have easy access to the machines components, for maintenance of product related changes, in addition extra customer specific modules can be placed.

In combination with our high speed tobacco weigher IBIS and our high speed pouch packer ISIS120 (FF) TDC can offer you a complete flexible and high speed production line.

Technical Data
Pouch heights    from 70mm till 90mm
Pouch length    from 120mm till 160mm
Max 12 pouches    with a thickness 23mm in a Bundle
Min 3 pouch    with a thickness of 23mm in a Bundle
Max infeed speed    140ppm
Max outfeed speed    by 5 pouches in a bundle 24 bpm
Less pouches per bundle will decrease the outfeed speed     
Control system    Beckhoff servo’s and control system
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